Young man recounts how a lady denied him food because he refused her advances

young man has taken to Twitter to reveal how a lady denied him food after he turned down her advances.

According to the man, he was invited over by a lady who was preparing his best meal, pounded yam.

On getting there, he found out that the lady was dressed in an alluring clothes which was supposedly meant to entice him.

His mind was however bent on eating because hunger, according to him, was what took him there.

Turning down her several advances, the lady refused to bring out the pounded yam she had prepared, making him sleep on the floor while she slept on the couch.

He wrote;

“Abuja girls are so wicked, sometime last year this girl invited me to her place. she was preparing pounded yam and fresh fish what she said My favorite food oo.

I got to her place and she was dressed with ashawo vibes, I wasn’t down for all of that, na hunger carry me come.

lmao to cut the long story short she asked me to come and hug her as she was touching me I refused with style hoping to get food and move!!!

Faith refused to bring out her food, she

let me sleep on the floor while she slept on the couch in the living room.

That night was long.”

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