What cherished activity have you abandoned due to lockdown?


Our correspondents spoke with some Nigerians on their treasured activities which the lockdown occasioned by coronavirus has deprived them of doing

I miss making hair, shopping – Toyin David

The lockdown has really affected me because my job as a hairdresser is done through physical contact with my clients.

One of the ways to combat the virus is to avoid social gathering, which implies social distancing. I don’t have customers for now. I miss my customers and they will miss me too because I also help to make them beautiful. I miss going to the market to buy things to stock my salon as I’ve run out of stock. I can’t restock it for now. Making hair and going to market are the activities I miss because they keep me busy. They also make me interact with people. But for now, I have to abandon them.


The lockdown has made me abandon my business. I run a game shop but due to the social distancing rule, I have stopped going to shop. I had to lock it up. This is not really a good period as I miss operating the game shop and talking to customers. No doubt, the lockdown has affected many things but we have to adhere to the instructions on how to control its spread. I hope it will end soon so that everyone will resume their daily activities.

Coronavirus has put a stop to social activities and caused damages globally. It has hampered my social life. In my family, we usually go out with the kids every weekend to hang out, especially on Sundays. For now, that has stopped.  It has also affected my work; I can’t go to work so as not to contract the virus. I can’t travel and attend church services anymore. I am an entrepreneur and a marketer. I need to be selling daily to make profits.

I cherish working and making money but the lockdown has affected that. I don’t go out anymore to market my business because everything has been brought to a halt. It has also stopped my plans of growing my business in a big way.

The cherished activities lockdown made me to abandon are church activities, photography, sporting activities like football and paying visits to my extended family members and friends. Every church is closed due to the pandemic. Also, I really miss participating in sporting activities. I no longer play or coach people in football like I used to do.



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