Tutorial on how to cartoon your self with autodesk apk

HOW TO CARTOON YOURSELF. WITH AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK i knw that u may be finding a tutoring about cartoon ,cartoon is so easy for dose are expertin it__but hard am here to gv u full tutorial let start without wasting of time Hello, am gonna be teaching a simple method you can use to turn your photo into a cartoon using your Android Device and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro .Please before i begin i would love you lo leave some comments below to support me…. Thank You! Requirements: 1.) An android device 2.) Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 3.) Your time Download Autodesk Sketchbook Here /p73cGM-5q Step 1: Download autodesk and install it into your Android device. Step 2: Open autodesk and click the white layers at the top right corner of the screen(that is the layer button) .A side menu should pop up….then click on that white box you see under the plus(+) sign and another menu would pop up Step 3: Click on “Import Photo� and select the photo which you wanna cartoon(i advise you to use a simple white background photo for beginners) Step 4: Click on the layer button again and click on the first layer(the layer that contains the image you want to cartoonize). After clicking a menu should pop…look for Opacity then reduce the opacity bar a little…. You can reduce it to 40-60 depending on the image you are working on. Step 5: When you are satisfied with the opasity,then click anywhere outside that box and your image should have a white fade…. Depending on your opacity Step 6: Click on the pencil icon at the top and pick a pencil…i prefer this one tho…. Use my Opacity and Radius too. Step 7: Zoom your image by placing two of your fingers on the part you want to zoom and enlarging the fingers…. Place two fingers on the image to move from one side to another also. Step 8: Start using your finger to trace the image… Start from the head,to the eyes, to the nose and mouth then to the hands and body. Note…. If this is your first time don’t worry it can’t be perfect…while tracing,zoom in to see tiny parts and for more accuracy. While tracing you can check your progress by clicking on the layer button and clicking the eye button on the first layer…this would hide the layer, then click the button again to make the layer visible Step 9: After you have finished tracing,click on the layer button and increase the opacity of the 1st layer to 100%. Step 10: It’s time to paint,Click on the colour button at the top and select the pick tool. Use the pick tool to pick the colour of the skin of the photo you are drawing by dragging it to the colour you want. Step 11: After picking the colour,then click on the three dots on the top of the screen….look down and select fill. Step 12: Click on the Layer button and hide the first layer by clicking the eye button. Then fill the part you have selected with the colour picker by clicking on it.Click the eye button again to pick another colour from the image,you can adjust the colour by clicking the colour button and moving the circle inside. Step 13: After filling the whole parts with there colours then make the first layer visible. Click on the 1st layer, then keep reducing the opacity till you are satisfied with how the image looks…. The more you reduce,the more it looks like a cartoon. Tips: 1.)To undo a mistake you just made… Downle tab the buttom left corner of your screen 2.)To redo double tap the buttom right corner of your screen. 3.)Always start from the head 4.)Start learning with a simple photo. I hope this tutorial was helpful? Please leave a comment below if you have any problems and also to support me. tutorial droping by NETWHIZZY aka BOSS-NET u can whatsap me 09036880531 2go:acts18 fb:Blesswhizzyart
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