Tush Exclusive: “I Feel Like God Has A Plan For Me” – Mavin’s Newest Signee, Boy Spyce

April 15th, 2022

The last two years for Ugbekile David Osameke, better known as Boy Spyce, have been nothing but ordained, orchestrated years of grace, favour, and preparation. In 2019, Boy Spyce famed the internet with his viral song covers which caught the attention of industry mogul, Don Jazzy. Today, Boy Spyce has been revealed as Mavin’s newest artist and it looks like his future from now is nothing but bright.

Although I had watched a couple of his viral videos on Instagram – which he stopped posting in mid-2021 – I still wondered what he would look like. The young 20-year-old, who finally appeared on my screen after connection issues tried to get the better of the interview, seemed like a wholesome person. His blonde-coloured clean low cut and subtle jewelry he rocked gave him a trendy look like that of many other fashionable Gen Z.

Before hopping on the call, Boy Spyce had been spending the week prepping for today’s unveiling. His time has been split between shooting content and mentally preparing himself for the new journey that’s about to begin. In comparison to his viral videos, it’s evident he’s already been acclimatizing to this new platform Mavin had given him. His cool-calm demeanour proved that he was also quite confident and at peace with what is to come.

Born Ugbekile David Osameke, the stage name Boy Spyce came to him in high school. He wanted a name that perfectly represented the type of music he did. “It came to me from God. I didn’t sit down to plan it, I was just singing one day and it just came to me.” He reveals. “I just wrote it down and started using it.”

The Lagos-born and bred Boy Spyce proves to be focused on his career as a musician. As far as certainty in his career path goes, he’s been sure of being a musician since he was a student at Lagos state model college Kankon. During the conversation, he talks with sincerity about being grateful to the set of friends that pushed him to sing in school. For him, that was the turning point. He shortly gained popularity and favour among students and teachers in school, in addition to that single performance being a confidence booster for him. “So what song did you sing that day?” I asked curiously, hoping he’d remember. “It’s quite funny, I sang a cover of Dorobucci” he said with a smile.

It took eight years – from the year Boy Spyce sang his Dorobucci cover – for Mavin CEO and industry giant, Don Jazzy, to notice Boy Spyce’s talent and reach out to him. “It happened like magic! I got a text from [Don] Jazzy on Christmas day in 2019, I thought it was a scam account.” He laughs lightly. The interaction left him shocked and in disbelief. In January 2020, Boy Spyce joined the Mavin Academy and has been recording and building himself since then.

When opening up about finding his sound, he credits the Mavin Academy for aiding the discovery. The training, unlimited access to studio time, and resources were key in helping him find his sound. The ‘sound’ in question, he describes as Afro-Fusion. He believes he can create music in every genre there is without excluding the African vibes. He’s claimed to be versatile in his sound with one constant factor in his music being the emotions in his music. “Every song I [make] is [based] on something that has happened to me before.” He is passionate about the authenticity of his music.

“I feel like God has a plan for me. All these things happening are not [just] coincidental” he says confidently. “I know for sure God has something for me, I don’t know what it is but I know it’s leading me to a path.” he opens up when describing how he feels about this opportunity and new journey. His excitement for this new journey doesn’t overshadow the gratitude he has for everyone that has helped him get to where he is currently.

It was warming to see his eyes light up at the thought of artists he would like to collaborate with. After pondering for barely a minute, he names Banky W, Asa, Wande Coal, Tiwa Savage, and Ed Sheeran as a couple of artists he looks forward to working with. He laughs at the realization that he can’t name all the artists he’d like to work with.

Just like his other Mavin predecessors’s, Boy Spyce has his self titled EP which was released today. When I asked about his EP, he seemed unsure about addressing it, which could have been part of his media prep before the interview. When he got comfortable enough to talk about it, he was enveloped with excitement. For Boy Spyce he’s not too worried about the outcome of the EP, he believes he has put in the work, made amazing music people can connect to and knows God will continue his plan.

His five track EP, Boy Spyce, is replete with ability, talent, charm, and self-assertion. Stream the EP here.


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