“The Hardship In The US Is Better Than Enjoyment In Nigeria”– Actress Says

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A Nollywood actress, Ufedo Sunshine, has revealed the details of the chat she had with one of her friends who has vowed never to return to Nigeria.
The actress who has been in the US for some months took to her IG page to reveal that a Nigerian man whom she spoke to about returning home revealed that the struggles and sufferings in US is better than the pleasures presented by Nigeria.
She wrote;
“We all know why majority of Nigerians abroad will never return home. There is hardly any news from Nigeria nowadays that will encourage an average Nigerian abroad, or in a country like the US to pack their bags and just want to go back home.
I had a conversation recently with a Nigerian living here in the US for over 20 years, I tried to convince him to return home.
Guess what he said, “The hardship here is more comfortable than the pleasure in Nigeria.”
Govt have been paying lip service to brain-gain, but truth be told, If you are a Nigerian living in a country like the US and you’ve finally decided that you want to go back to your motherland after all these years, if you see these disturbing images of Lekki flooding, won’t you change your mind?
Or you hear about the widespread jungle justice on innocent people everywhere and the horrible Badoo ritual killing in Ikorodu, will you still want to go home? Police harassment of innocent youth they see with iphones and laptops, arrest and delay of judgment of high profile criminals and too many other sad occurrences to mention. Why are we so backward in Nigeria?
I know that the cost of comfortable living in many parts of the Island is almost the same for comfortable living in a place like New York City or some parts of the US. But, compare both. No good drainage in Lekki, the few poor drainages are blocked with trash yet the ‘rich and classy’ residents will come abroad and will not dare throw a piece of paper on the floor.
We all must change our ways, because there is no place like home. Govt and individuals, we all must think deeply. Let’s play our roles. Let’s be kind to our environment and our environment will be kind to us… #prayfornigeria #godhelpnigeria #flood #realchange #ilovenigeria #godblessnigeria”

Published on: July 11, 2017. at: 5:59 pm

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