“Should I collect?” – Man in hardship seeks advice after girlfriend went the extra mile to get him N3m

March 26th, 2022

A broke young man, name undisclosed, is seeking advice from a public discussion group over his girlfriend who went the extra mile to get him the sum of N3 million.

Narrating how life has harshly dealt with him in a month, the young man noted that his girlfriend whom he just met a few weeks ago as a virgin, engaged in an affair with a politician just to help him.

He is now asking whether to collect the N3m Naira from the lady or not.

In his words: “Mr. Jay, abeg hide my identity. Frankly, no one on earth is as broke as I am now. I was sacked from work a month ago, had an accident a week ago which I lost my car. Landlord just evicted me a day after some robbers made away with all my appliances.

“In fact, it’s just myself and myself with a girl I just met last two months.

“Owing to my predicament which she is knowledgeable about, she gave me a call yesterday and told me she was going to do something I won’t like.

“Today, she deposited N3m into my account with a note that reads: “I slept with that politician.”

“This is a girl I deflowered ooo, not as if she’s into this shit. N I love her.

“I can’t take this money!!😭😭😭

“What should I do Mr. Jay, I called her and she is crying too Which kind life!?”


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