See The Amount Bobrisky Used To Buy His iPhone 12 Which Got People Talking Online

So as we all know “iphone” is a very popular phone company who recently just released their Latest brand which it’s called the iPhone 12. A lot of people liked the phone mainly because of his design and his great features, but the only thing stopping People from rushing into a phone shop and getting their own copies of the phone is the price of the phone.

Well the new iPhone 12 is said to cost a lot of money and Because of this a lot of Nigerian still consider the phone to be very expensive so they can’t afford it. Maybe the prize of the phone could be very expensive but it can’t stop celebrities like bobrisky from getting their own copy of the phone.

It seems like the famous cross dresser bobrisky snapped a picture of his brand new iPhone 12 which his purchase with the Amount of 710,000 naira and he then posted telling his fans that buying of the phone was an achievement.

Well a lot of people claim that Bobrisky didn’t actually bought the iPhone by himself and his fans even dragged him saying that one of his boyfriend could have bought the phone for him but he is claiming to have bought it with his own money. So I guess that after most of you have seen the phone you will probably think that he didn’t buy it with his money too.

Here are pictures of the phone he bought.

See some people’s reaction to the news.

My opinion.

Well if you ask me I think that what bobrisky did about Posting photos of his new phone and claiming that it’s a achievement is really bad. Maybe he really bought the phone with his money, but that doesn’t give me the right to claim his phone is an achievement making others who can’t afford feel bad.

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