Prince Gee – Pray for Nigeria

Prince Gee shares his pains/feelings on the recent killings of Nigerian Youths protesting.

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  • My heart bleeds for this country..

    RIP to all the innocent lives lost πŸ’”

    Our leaders have failed us !!

    Without the youths there is no country.

    I hear any type of noise outside

    And I start to panic… !!πŸ˜”

  • *No Jobs, We became Entrepreneurs.*

    *No Light, we bought Our Generators.*

    *No Security, we Hired our Own Guards.*

    *No Water, we sunk our own Boreholes.*

    *Huge Taxes, we doubled our Hustle.*

    *Bad Roads, we filled them with Stones.*

    *Yet, you aren’t satisfied !!


    Make it better place.

    For you and For me, No stress for human.

    We pray for new Nigeria

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