Premier League: Man City, Man Utd & Chelsea highest spenders on agent fees

April 1st, 2022

Premier League clubs paid out more than £272.6m to football agents during 2021-22, with league leaders Manchester City the biggest spenders.

City, who signed Jack Grealish for £100m last summer and secured a number of their star players on new deals, paid just over £35m to agents between 2 February 2021 and 31 January 2022.

Manchester United (£29m) and Chelsea (£28.2m) were next in the table

Brentford were the lowest spenders after paying out £3.5m.

Figures released by the Football Association show the total spend of £272.6m was a slight rise from £272.2m last year, when Chelsea spent the most.

In the Championship, the amount spent on agents’ fees rose from £40.8m to £44.4m in total, with Fulham the biggest spenders on £10.1m, significantly ahead of West Brom who were second on £4.1m.

How much each PL club spent on agents’ fees in 2021/22
Arsenal £18,652,818
Aston Villa £9,557,054
Brentford £3,499,285
Brighton £6,244,039
Burnley £6,005,185
Chelsea £28,227,858
Crystal Palace £8,865,483
Everton £11,494,820
Leeds £11,396,947
Leicester £12,046,495
Liverpool £22,136,224
Manchester City £35,046,646
Manchester United £29,036,141
Newcastle £7,717,687
Norwich £8,667,246
Southampton £4,941,761
Tottenham £13,938,231
Watford £12,593,435
West Ham £10,532,927
Wolves £11,958,945
Total £272,559,227


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