Obudu Mountain Resort Looks Like Europe But Nigerians Don’t Value Their Own


I was at Obudu Mountain Resort recently and had a good time.

I saw some foreign people there too.

The place still looks very beautiful like Europe despite low domestic patronage.

Maybe they need good managers and marketing team, and a good road network connection.


I’ve come to realize that average Nigerians just don’t have the spending power, and that’s why most businesses like Resorts and shopping centres don’t thrive too well.

A business thrives when local and foreign consumers combine, It won’t thrive if it’s only patronized by foreign. Even rich Nigerians prefer to holiday abroad.

The Nigerian spending power is too low and needs to be boosted before such places can thrive.

The idea of resorts and national parks like Tinapa, Obudu Mountain resort, Cross river National park, etc. are great, if not for the low spending power of average Nigerian.

For now, it’s just a shame.

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