(+18) NMB SEX TALK!! Guys, How Did You Feel When A Woman First Sucked Your D!ck?


Some people are claiming Marlian but they have never got their d!cks sucked by a woman. 😂😂

I got into a conversation with few members of Marlian Association, Abeokuta branch, and the discussion was about members who have never been sucked by a woman.

They said, a real Marlian should not have sex without receiving head, it is in the constitution 😂

But, I can’t even imagine myself receiving head, ordinary say girl they use hand to tickle my pr!ck, the over-excitement is always too much.

I am afraid, if I tried to receive head, I might pass out 😰

Guys, kindly share your experience with a brother 👇

How Did You Feel When A Woman First Suck Your D!ck?

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  1. Wow,I feel at the top of the world that I can not even remember that am having my final year paper on that day.

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