I Stand With Peace Due To The Neglect Of History: The Cause Of Our Doom


The history has been neglected in the course of proceedings and killing of innocent one’s in Nigeria is obviously.Despite many happenings in the past,some people in certain positions of responsibility still do the very things that produced terrible results in the past.in my opinion,we Nigeria do not pay attention to history.According to Benedetto Goce an Italian scholar and writer saw history as proceeding in a cyclical manner full of repetitions. Once a particular action had a certain result in the past,under the same conditions, the probability is that the result would remain the same if the same action is taken.Consequently, the neglect of history makes us fall into same mistakes that have been made in the past and most probably to the same terrible results that accrued from them.I would want to urge the present government/leaders, policy makers and youths of our country, Nigeria to take history very seriously while formulating policies as well as making political, social and economic decisions. I would like to suggest most importantly to our leaders to read the history of Nigeria especially reasons for agitation for restructuring, true federalism, segregation etc by some groups in Nigeria, picking out the mistakes made by past actors that occupied the stage. This will help the country to avoid some of calamities that have befallen us as a united nation. LET SHUN VIOLENCE AND EMBRACE PEACE PLATEAU STATE, I STAND WITH MY PEOPLE PLATEAU FAMILY SUNANA GENERAL NAPSS NATIONAL BODY D.O SOCIAL ASPIRANT!!!! BLESS


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