“I am going to take this leap of faith” – Twitter user with AS genotype says after meeting AS woman who is everything he wants

March 26th, 2022

Twitter user who has an AS genotype has resolved to settle down with a lady who also share the same genotype as him.

The Twitter user identified with the handle @clarseek_hajji stated that he had met the lady two months ago and that the lady happens to be everything he wants in a woman.

The man has decided to take a leap of faith to settle down with this lady as he hopes that fate would be favorable on their union.

Read his tweet below:

“As an “AS” genotyped individual, after having many failed relationships, I finally met this new babe 2 months ago, we got talking, she happens to be everything I want in my woman but she is AS too, which she is aware of.

l am going to take this leap of faith and settle down…

With her, I know the fate that brought us togther will make sure things go well in our nearest future.”


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