Heartbroken lady recounts how her mother forced her to marry a 45-year-old man she didn’t know

March 26th, 2022

lady has recounted how her mother forced her to marry a man she didn’t know or like.

The lady stated that the man who she was to get married to had a wife who died and with whom she had a child with.

She, however later found out that it was all a lie; the man has three children and one, of which one is 20 years.

Read her full story below;

“Hello #Admin
Pls advice me am 25years I am dying, my mom forced me to marry a man I dont know, I told him no but I was frustrated, I later accepted because, I don’t have option. They told me that his wife is dead that he wants to remarry that he only have one child. he stays in abia state while I stay in kwara. my mom gave me transport money 10, thousand to go and visit him when i got there. i found 3 childern they are living in one room and palor . The first son is 20years the man age is 45years.

The second day i called my mom i told her everything and the 3 childern that they lied to me that is one child . i told my mum that can’t marry him. she replid me that i should endure it that i can’t go back home because of transport money . its not up to one month i found out that he is a liar. He owes many debt that he doesn’t want me to know. i later found out I call i his family because the debt is too much. so his family send money for transport. we move to osun i told my mum everything and she said i should not worry she kept sending food to me but i don’t happy about it i give birt last year this man no give me any money for hospital and so on is only my mom that is doing everything since 6monthe now my mom have stop sending thing to me. she said i should pack my load and come back home my baby is 1year two month now how can i cope now pls advice me”


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