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There is no doubt that when talent is mentioned in Lagos, Ojo is a zone of talented individuals having the likes of “Akpororo, Prince louis, Ovie the Generous, Dance switch, E don do”and a lot more. These individuals are pure talents hailing from the roots of Ojo.
But today we the crew of TOPNOTCHNAIJA brings to you one among the finest Comedians in Ojo as a whole, he has performed in shows like LAFTA N WONDERS hosted by Mc Martins, he his MC WATERMELON COMEDIAN.
Mc Watermelon comedian the interview with Topnotchnaija
Presenter: Hi, it’s another great mid week at your number one entertainment website “Topnotchnaija”, It’s our weekend “List of gist” and today we have with us.. one of Ojo finest Comedians in the person of “Mc Watermelon”.. he would be introducing himself to us for proper review…

 Mc watermelon: Good day my name is MC watermelon comedian.. Some people call me the extra fruitful, billionaire comedian, legit boss and na watin master.

  Presenter: Nice to have you here sir.

Mc Watermelon
: Thank you

Presenter: So, you have been in the comedy industry for years now, gone far and wide, performed in big shows, but a lot of your fans are curious, when did you begin your career as a comedian?
 Do you mind sharing with us today?

 Mc Watermelon:
Hmmmm I started comedy 2012, but professionally 2014..

 Presenter: Wow.. that means you’ve been in the industry professionally for four years now..

Mc Watermelon
: Yes

 Presenter: Now, what prompted to the “fruity” name “Watermelon”?

Perez one voice one sound
Mc Watermelon comedian performing live at Perez one voice one sound 24 hours marathon praise.
Mc Watermelon: Ok, My name is Samuel but instead of answering MC Samuel or MC Sam or Sami I know am not the only Samuel in Nigeria so I decided to bare a fruit, Na because I want to be fruitful and I choosed one of the biggest fruit in the world because I want to be big and great, and do you know that no part of the watermelon is useless? because I too don’t want to be useless..

The reddish part is where you and I consume….
The greenish part is use for herbs when it been added with alcohol
The seed means two things to me
1) you can plant the seed and get another watermelon
2) it symbolizes people that will come under me..
 The water symbolize overflow of the anointing.

: Wow, that’s great, So about yourself can you tell us a little about yourself?

Mc Watermelon:
OK what do you really want to know? I will love you to ask me one after the other so as to get what you want.

 Presenter: Okay,  Tell us your names..

 Mc Watermelon: my name is Samuel Osiobe.

:  Where are you from?

 Mc Watermelon: Delta state, isoko south.

 Presenter: What inspired you to go into comedy?

 Mc Watermelon: A friend of mine called Abel Obuke …… He will always tell me guy you funny start to dey do comedy you go make am…. Though I was funny I know but I never thought of it….. after so much pressure I told him that I don’t have my own joke he said crack people own first you go soon get, so I gave it a shot.

Presenter: all have someone that adviced us I guess.. So after your friend inspired you to become a comedian… have you ever seen any other comedian as a mentor?

Mc Watermelon
: Yea MC Martins

 Presenter: Martins? Have you ever worked with him before?

 Mc Watermelon: Yes… Countless times

 Presenter: Apart from MC Martins which other comedian do you respect so much?

Mc Watermelon:
Dr smile, MC nature, prinxlouis,Ovie d generous, funky p… They are much.

: In your secondary school days did you ever dream of becoming an entertainer?

Mc Watermelon
: Hmmm yes

: What aspect of entertainment?

Mc Watermelon
: Acting.. I wanted to be an actor.

: From 2014 till date can you estimate the number of shows you have performed?

Mc Watermelon
: I can’t count (Laughs)

: Okay, that’s amazing
Tell us, what year did you get your first paid show?

Mc Watermelon
: 2014 it was 1k (N1000) (Laughs)

: Which show can you say the best show you have performed?

Mc Watermelon
: Lafta n wonder with MC martins, Comedy cruise with mr ajibade oyemade @nta 2channel 5
Fajalive with LTV Lagos.

: Okay, In the comedy industry what can you say has been like a challenge to you?

Mc Watermelon
: Hmmm one challenge I have is when comedian steal other comedian jokes without recognizing the real own of the joke, Another challenge is currently now everybody wants to be a comedian.

: Wow… do you write your jokes or you just compose it in front of the crowd?

Mc Watermelon
: I write my jokes. But at times you gat compose jokes instantly to suit in that environment.

: Are you comfortable cracking jokes of other comedians?

Mc Watermelon:
Hmm not really… But most of the time your jokes might not fit in that kind of event you just gat use other comedian jokes.

: Okay
As a comedian
Do you think comedy can be acquired as a skill?

Mc Watermelon
: Not at all.. Comedy is in built… It a gift.

Okay so do you think for an underground comedian to plan a show at an early stage is a nice idea?

Mc Watermelon:
Yes very nice… Because you have to create platform for yourself.

Mc Watermelon comedian in a show with Kenny blaq.

Presenter: Okay,
Under the aspect of comedy
How many bodies can you say are there?

Mc Watermelon: They are much but I can make mention of few.

Presenter: Okay, please tell us.

Watermelon: We have sitcom Stand up comedy & Script writing comedy, Etc.

Presenter: Okay.. what about those instagram comedians
What type of comedy is that?

Mc Watermelon: Sitcom, any comedy acted is sitcom.. for example skit.

Presenter: Okay..
Do you do sitcom comedy also?

Mc Watermelon: Yes I do.

Presenter: In time to come… how do you see yourself in the Nigerian entertainment industry?

Mc Watermelon: 
Hmmm I want be the richest comedian in the world, Not only in Nigeria.

Presenter: Hmm that’s nice.. any word for upcoming comedians as we round up?

Mc Watermelon: Keep the fire burning…. And don’t allow anybody talk you  down….. Say to yourself if mc watermelon comedian, AKPORORO, basket mouth, bovi,Kenny blaq,mc Martin’s, saco…… Can make it I will ….. And trust in God….. Be prayerful….. God will surely help us.

Presenter: So you’ve listened from the tiger himself… Mc Watermelon comedian.. one of Ojo finest Comedians… As an upcoming act you’ve got to keep your head straight Thank you so much for having us Mc Watermelon comedian

Mc Watermelon: You are always welcome.

To get Mc Watermelon comedian for any event……
Please call or Whatsapp…07080412307
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