Ashmusy counts her blessings as she lists achievements at 26

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Ashmusy counts her blessings as she lists achievements at 26

Popular Instagram skit maker, Amarachi Amusi a.k.a Ashmusy, gives praises to God as she lists her achievement at a tender age of 26.

The brand influencer who was once called out over an alleged scam took to her Instagram story to list her achievements.


While emphasizing on the days of her humble beginings and how proud of herself she is, Ashmusy wrote;

“I have achieved so much at 26
Trained/training my siblings in a Private Uni.
Bought houses, Built successful businesses….etc
So so so super proud of myself, I don’t say enough.

The only “probably” male that has a hand in this is GOD…and oh my mother.
After them, I do it all by myself. I started from the damn scratch with no help!
From that ‘face me i face’ you compound, Where my mom begged for us to feed..I started running up and down Balogun market every DAMN DAY.. to buy hair for customers, down to doing videos every single day (Sometimes against my wish/mood)
I smile and play on the camera and then drop my phone and cry on my pillow.
Gosh I am so proud of myself, those that have stuck with me on this app, since the very beginning, THANK YOU, I love you.”

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