After contracting HIV, woman depressed following husband’s unusual attitudes

March 26th, 2022

HIV-positive woman breaks down emotionally following her husband’s reaction after realizing she contracted the virus.

Woman dives into depression following husband's actions after contracting HIV


In a narration through a relationship adviser, the woman noticed a drastic change in her marriage after being announced as being a carrier of HIV even though her husband turned out negative.

Read the full narration below …

“Hi chi I have been keeping this to myself for so long but I can’t anymore,’ need to talk to someone before I run crazy. I’m hiv positive married, was diagnosed 2yrs plus when I went to register for my first antenatal care in Lagos.

The doctor told we and I was surprised cos I wasn’t expecting it to come, I rejected it and went to 2 different hospitals to confirm and it was true I went back to the hospital and the doctor asked me how come but I couldn’t tell, I only had 2 relationships in the past before my husband, I wasn’t a promiscuous person.

I was 19 when I met my first boyfriend and we only had sex once before breakup, was 20 when I met the second one, and he ended up being a G guy and that’s not who I want to end up with.

After telling the Dr my life journey, he asked me if I wanted my husband to know, I said yes, picked up my phone called him to come back home, we really need to talk. When he got home I showed him the results ……..”


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