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There are things that many upcoming
rappers ignore only to their detriment. We
are all human and we tend to overlook some
things when making artistic decisions.
Mistakes are costly too.
Established rappers can afford to be lazy
and relaxed but you can’t, you’re not there
yet. I have listed a couple of things that a lot
upcoming rappers are guilty of;
Mistakes upcoming rappers
1. Poor lyrics
As an underground/upcoming rapper with
a relatively small fan base you cannot afford
to be lackluster with your lyrics. I had a
friend who used to rap deliberate gibberish,
he would have a full verse of sentences that
don’t make any sense when put together.
He felt it was okay as long as it sounded
good. It could work at the moment but
you’re going to get called out pretty soon,
and embarrassingly too.
Hiphop is not for the weak and for you to
hold you own you’ve got to be deliberate
with the things you say. You need to know
that your lyrics will outlive you for a long
time. So why not take your time to write it.
Don’t head to the studio without a verse and
end up delivering whack freestyle. Write
your bars, not everybody is a freestyle

2. Not defining a genre
Upcoming rapper
When you’re starting out your career you
need to represent a specific genre. Without
an area of specialization, you’ll be very
difficult to recognize.
This does not mean you can’t be versatile, it
simply means you need to have a musical
signature, something that you are most
known for. Listeners should not have a
problem categorizing you.
Big names can afford to stray into other
genres and make experimental albums but
that’s because they already have a
trademark and a loyal fan base, you have
none of those.
So spend time now developing the side if
your game. It feels really bad when you
spend your data to download a rap mixtape
only to find that the songs are made of pop
and reggae. I wouldn’t want to make the
mistake of downloading that artiste next
time would I?
3. Spending too much energy on trends
Trends are seasonal and will come and go in
no time. I know it is wise to maximize the
opportunities presented by a trend by
creating music for the purpose.
But Its really stupid to build your whole
career structure in a Trend. Media attention
moves on really fast and you stand a risk of
getting forgotten when everything about
you represents the past.
If you’re going to invest your time in a trend
then do it timely and effectively. When a
song becomes a hit, you should do a cover
for it while its still hot.
Imagine building your work on the
infamous “Oga at the top” incident that
rocked Nigerian news space in 2015, your
work would be obsolete by the time you’re
reading this.
If you have a unique style, put more effort in
promoting it. Become the trend that other
people want to copy. Good music cannot die
and you know that.
4. Focal topic
Your songs should have a focus meaning as
an upcoming rapper, without this you might
have a branding problem later. You first
album or mixtape should announce your
character more than anything else.
I’ll explain, in Nigeria there are too many
artistes doing the same things. Someone
might decide to start copying your style and
that’s not your fault. But your depth, rhyme
patterns and wordplay will remain yours.
You can have hits without having a focus
topic but you could be better placed for
relevance if you are known to have a focal
point. This is the branding problem afro pop
artistes like Biggiano and MP had. Praiz has
love for the girls, Young six possesses an
annoying god complex and Timaya’s got his
Modern listeners are very sensitive to new
artistes and without a relatable identity,
you’re not making it to “most played”
section of the playlist.
5. Being too selective
When you are starting out fresh, you need
to put your head down and accept as offers
as you can provided they comes your way.
You need them more than they need you
and you’re going to be using them to your
advantage because it’s an opportunity for
you to get exposure…

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Published on: May 19, 2018. at: 8:23 am

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