23-year-old lady who traveled from Nigeria to Zanzibar to celebrate birthday narrates horrible experience

April 18th, 2022
23-year-old lady who traveled from Nigeria to Zanzibar to celebrate birthday narrates horrible experience (Video)

Young lady who traveled from Nigeria to Zanzibar in Tanzania to have a remarkable 23rd birthday experience narrates her horrible ordeal.

According to a Twitter user identified as Zainab Oladehinde, she had planned a perfect getaway trip to Zanzibar without having the slightest clue of the horror awaiting her.

On her arrival in Tanzania on the first night, she witnessed a traumatizing experience at the hands of an unknown individual who snuck into her room while sleeping.

Narrating the ordeal on Twitter, Zainab stated how she battled for her life from a rape attempt to escaping her room within the hotel premises without being able to get help.

23-year-old lady who traveled from Nigeria to Zanzibar to celebrate birthday narrates horrible experience (Video)

Read her narration below …

It’s high time I told my horrible experience in Zanzibar as a young solo female traveler.

This incident happened a year ago in April of 2021 but I haven’t been able to talk about it cause I’ve been in therapy for a year to heal from the psychological trauma as this experience
has been the most painful and traumatic experience I’ve ever faced in my entire life. Infact! I’m glad I’m still alive today to share my story.


On the 15th of April 2021, I flew from Lagos, Nigeria to Zanzibar, Tanzania for my 23rd birthday and I was extremely excited about it. I had my reservations about going to a foreign country as a solo female traveler but none of my thoughts would have prepared me for what

I eventually witnessed and experienced in Tanzania.

It was a 2-day flight as we had a one day transit time in Adis Ababa Ethiopia. I arrived at my hotel WARERE BEACH hotel in Nungwi Zanzibar on the 16th of April, 2021 in the afternoon around 4pm where I had booked a 
6 night accommodation. 

On getting to the hotel, I was welcomed by the staff and they showed me my room which had a pool and sea view. Now, this looked like heaven to me and I can remember being so excited as this was going to be my dream birthday holiday.

I couldn’t do much except eat dinner as I was tired from my flight and I just wanted to sleep.
My itinerary the next day was to spend sometime to explore the hotel whilst I settle fully into vacation mode before I’d start my tourist activities which I never got the time to do

I had breakfast, went to the pool and the beach which was very nice . I mingled with some Russian couples who were also lodged at the hotel and by evening time, I was already in full birthday mode as it was just a few hours to my birthday.

At around 12am, a few friends and family called to wish me a happy birthday and then I went back to my room to sleep. Few hours into my sleep, I started to feel a strange hand touching my breast.“ Now, this was me sleeping naked on my bed in my hotel room with my doors locked

so this was definitely a dream”. I told myself and went back to sleep

Some few minutes afterwards, I started to feel my hands stroking someone’s penis. At this moment, I opened my eyes to confirm if It was actually a dream or I was in real danger.

Low and behold, it wasn’t a dream. There was a naked man lying on my bed and touching me at 2am in my hotel room ! He started calling me “baby” and then I became scared cause the room was dark as I had switched off the lights before I went to bed. Now, I was extremely scared

I asked the man “who are you?” But all he kept saying was “baby, baby” . I asked in a louder tone this time around cause I was getting angry and then he quickly stuffed his hands over my mouth in an attempt to stop me from shouting.

In this moment, I became very scared as I didn’t know who this was and why this person was in my room. A lot of things were going through my head at the same time. Who is this ? Does he have a weapon ? Will I get raped and killed on my birthday in a strange land?

How did this man get into my room? Should I struggle for my life? Will he rape me and throw me into the ocean directly opposite my room? Should I let him rape me so he may spare my life? Should I run? Will he chase me?

Who else is outside my door? Is he the only one? Does he have a knife? Will he stab me?

While all these was going through my head, this man tried to climb on top of me in an attempt to force his penis inside of me. Read on….. 


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