LOVE EMGĀ is a Nigerian šŸ‡³šŸ‡¬ afro pop singer base inĀ Benin City EdoĀ State South south, and was born and brought up inĀ Benin City EdoĀ State too on the month of October 30 1988 been on Wednesday but fromĀ Ekparakwa in Oruk Anam Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State.Ā My first Album titleĀ FromNoWhere2SomeWhereĀ came out last yearĀ 2019 June which contain 10 good tracksĀ and am still coming from nowhere because i believe that am getting to somewhere very soon,Ā Love Emg simply means Love EmbraceĀ More Grace and thatā€™s my music name.Ā I been in the music industry since 2011,2012 before i started my music career fully 2017 till date and i produced my songs with top south south producers namely Nas Tee, EyesBeat, Doc sid(Uniben) Gleamz production and many more just to mentioned but a few.Ā And i have performed in different big shows from Benin to Lagos just to mentioned but a few atĀ King Sunny Ade birthday @70, in ile Ife including Dislandhotel Ajar Addo and many more.Ā Due to what is going on allover theĀ worldĀ it pains me from the bottom of my heart seen people die each day and no remedy, thatā€™s the reason while i drop this very song titleĀ CoronavirusĀ for the world to hear what am feeling over those that lost their lives on this invisible disease calledĀ CoronavirusĀ thanks

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